Sunday, February 27, 2011

sick *cough cough*

hey hey!

it's been quite awhile since i blog about my school life. so sorry! i've fallen sick last Thursday, and this time i'm really sick. My fever went up as high as 39 degrees ( i think) i could barely open my eyes and was shivering like some drug addict in class. But i'm all better now. Just having minor cough and flu. and yes, the sorethroat is still there.

so anyway, i added 2 new pages tab on my blog. It's still under construction, but do check out the "MeowPunzel" tab because that's where i'll be posting the updates of the MeowPunzel animation project. :D

on the other hand, i just want to help spread this blog to others:

This blog belongs to my friend, Wendy. She's also the team leader of my group's MeowPunzel Project. Do check out her blog. Her forte is anime drawings. Her artworks are simply amazing! :)

so that's all today. I'm so tired from yesterday's shopping. My dad bought me a new pair of sneakers and a new luggage. My mum bought me 2 new pairs of jeans. LOL. My parents seems to be more excited to go Hong Kong than me. hehehe. I can't wait to be there too! hehehe
anyway, hopefully after i'm done with my walk cycle animation tomorrow, i'll post it here! do check out for more updates!

azianah maskus

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