Friday, March 4, 2011

exams week

Next Monday will mark as my final day as a first year student. I'll be having my design exam on that day and after that we'll be having a class party! my form teacher will be ordering 6 different flavours of pizza for the class party! i can't wait for it! :)

anyway, it's holiday today. we've been given two days of holiday, yesterday and today, before exam because the teachers need do some checking on the class pc before our exam. so to tell you the truth, there haven't been much things to do at home since I've handed in all my assignments. I'm only left to study for my design exam. Anyway, i'm bored of studying for exam. I've been doing some random sketches in my sketch book, not so much, just a few sketches. I've also been doing some random animation layouts. I'm still less than halfway through it. I've put on the base colour but not the shadows and the highlight.

I'll also be updating the "MeowPunzel" page soon. I've already asked for my group members for the character designs. My team leader insisted on colouring all the character turnaround before i can post it here, so i hope it will be done soon. :) so anyway, i wanted to share this animation with everyone. it's kinda cute and epic. i think i should come up with something like this during my holiday. hehehe

I also liked their Tarboy animation. it's very epic and also the storytelling part was really awesome. I also liked how they used silhouettes of the character in some scenes. It's just really good. i hope we can produce something nice like this for the upcoming fyp. :D

so that's all for today! xD

azianah maskus

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