Sunday, March 13, 2011

ITE lifeskills project: Digital Animation Roadshow cum Drawing Competition


Finally managed to find some time to update my "quiet" blog! anyway, I've posted some updates on my group's FYP project. simply go to the "MeowPunzel" tab on the top of the page and view all the updates. :)

hehe. so anyway back to the real thing...

Last January, my group, Wendy and Friends did a project for our Lifeskill module. We initially created a book "Animation for Beginners" for the project but we were told to do more than just a book. So we took up the offer to do a roadshow in school where we held a drawing competition, showcase some of our works and taught those who are interested some basics drawing skills, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash cs5. We are proud to say that the roadshow was a success. Many came down and give their support for the drawing competition, be it those from the ANI January Intake'11 and those from other courses, and the primary school kids. :) thank you so much for the support! :D

and sorry the photos came out 2 months after the Roadshow,i just keep forgetting to post them, but here they are:

and yeah, I'll be leaving for Hong Kong in a week's time! I've only packed in 10% of my stuffs in my luggage. gotta bring some instant noodles there too. They say Hong Kong people don't eat spicy stuffs. I'm going to miss my mum's spicy foods! hehehe! and I can't wait to meet the kids from Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), especially those majoring in animation and comics! :D and not to forget shopping!

big loves,
Azianah Maskus

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