Sunday, February 13, 2011


woots. tmr is valentine's day. hehehe. I WANT CHOCOLATES PLEASE! :DDD

anyway, yesterday i spend my whole day painting one of my Rapunzel's poses. i had a few tries with the colour because i wanted to make Rapunzel stands out in the picture.

The original sketch:

The first set of colours tried: hues of bluish and purple. I wanted to make something like a night scene, but Rapunzel never stands out much because of her hair colour.

The second set of colours: pinkish and orange hues combined with a little touch of yellow. Rapunzel stands out more in this picture. But I'm still not satisfied with the colours used. The colours just don't match the mood I'm looking for. I will continue testing the colours until i find the right mood for this picture.

azianah maskus

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