Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hey hey!

hello! today i'm in a very good mood. School's awesome today although the internet there keeps disconnecting for no bloody reason. I am finishing all my assignments soon, hehe, must keep looking on the bright side! the dark side is my test is on this Friday, hehehe, i haven't even got time to study with assignments going on!

btw, just want to show this:

this was drawn by my classmate. The guy's from Green Hornet. My classmate says that's him. LOL. Don't ask me why there's a girl superhero there! xD

azianah....... hahahahahahahahaz!

to Kalyn, cheer up ehhh! Don't care about them! This kind of things happen. Even my teacher have ever teased me with one of my classmate (ok, bluff, it's two boys, ok.) just ignore them! The class will get over it. These kind of things will pass by very soon! smile and cheer up, ahhkays? ^3^

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