Monday, February 21, 2011


hi! and i'm back! The crazy Azianah is back again on her blog! woots!

hehe. ignore that above. xD so, the latest update for today is that i finally changed the outlook of my blog! woohooo! and yes, i am the one who design the banner above! it's not so nice as i have been busy with school work and i didn't really bother much about the colours used. Actually i was thinking of combining all my own characters in the banner, but the characters were too tiny, so i didn't put it.

so anyway, did i tell you i had finished my bouncing ball animation last week?... or issit last last week? LOL. i don't know. but yea, i have finally done it and here it is:

new rubber ball
Rubber Ball animation (above)

iron ball

Iron ball animation (above)

I know the iron ball rolling looks a little bit too weird, and that's because my teacher told me to roll it at the last minute. I spend like one or two hours just to do the rolling part then send it to my teacher. tsk.

for now i'm still working on my walking cycle animation. i see that most of my classmates are already half dead doing the walk cycle, and this include me as well. @_@ I'm just done with the background design of my walk cycle. I will upload the walk cycle once it's done. :D


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