Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Heyyy hey!

I just realise this. I've been updating my blog regularly! hehee! Well, maybe it's because it's the start of the new semester, and i am not as busy as i was usually. A lot of things been going on lately. I fell sick twice this week. Been having flu and slight fever. The weather here is not good. Everyone in my class is passing flu virus to one another. My class advisor says she has to take good care of herself because she has to take over our storyboarding classes because the teacher has gone for his reservist. lols. ok, right now, i missed both DMI theory class and practical because of fever. There's not much work for storyboarding though. The teacher only left us to 2 pendulum animation before he went. Since i'm recuperating at home (and i'm bored to tears), i decided to do one of the pendulum animation, and some character design for my fyp.

Pendulum animation_heavy_new version

This is my clock pendulum animation. It's suppose to be a heavy pendulum but because the teacher says we could only have 24 drawings and animate them in twos, so it doesn't look like a very heavy pendulum. anyway, my pendulum is cute eh? it's a spider! xD

hehehe. gotta go now! byes!


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