Saturday, January 8, 2011


hi hi! Happy first weekends of the new year! :D

and did you like my new blogskin? Of course not i create one, but i'm trying to make some changes to this current skin. not that i don't like it, i just wanna study the html codes and see if i'm successful at making changes in this blogskin. so far, i've only managed to add more borders. xD so stay tuned to more changes in this blogskin! (well, if i have the time after school reopen!)

alright, today i don't have much to update. i don't draw for 2 days already. I'm slacking. hehee. i've also finished my portfolio microsite. it's a not-so-a-success but still i quite like my site because it's been a while since i get to expose my creativity in 2D animation. I'm not superb in 2D animation but i think i still got the hang of it. i will try upload some of the simple animation in my microsite homepage here once :)

anyways, i was browsing my facebook profile pictures and i found this:

my O level sketches. bwahahaa. it was like 2 years ago and if i could have the original copy, i would have re-shade it. xD

i can't wait to be a senior this monday! There will be new batches of Year 1 animation students! woots! They'll suffer in the 8 o'clock classes! Mwhahaha! am i evil? whoops. =x


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