Tuesday, January 11, 2011

boredom, illness, and mental confusion

yep, mental confusion, that's the word. Lately, i've been a bit sickly. I guess i am just abit too tired because i've been coming back to schoo during my last few days of holidays. And i think the weather contributed abit to my health because the weather here is too cold and it has been raining for weeks already. I'm looking forward to abit of sunshine soon. xD

I'm not in school today. Thankfully i have finished up my microsite so i don't have to think so much about it while trying to recover from my... umm... headache and blocked nose. Anyway, i tried doing gif. animation in flash during New Year (see below animation). It sort of worked. but i don't think you want to keep watching the guy's hair blown off repeatedly over and over again because it's irritating. I did it only because i thought it would be funny because i spotted a few celebrities in wigs on tv. xD

anyway, i am still looking for free web hosting pages for my portfolio. There's one at carbonmade, but i want something i can control with my flash site rather than recreating it again.

I miss drawing. but i don't want to pressure myself further because of my lack ideas or my headache will get worse. I think i better visit a doctor tonight. :)


p.s. i have a very evil idea to sneak into my secondary school with my old uniform. i wonder if i still can fit in it? hmmm. xD kidding!

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