Thursday, January 13, 2011

HI!!! :DD

hey hey! Today i have a few good news to share in my blog.. but before that let me wish someone his birthday. hehehe. Today is Seri's boyfriend's birthday... so firstly, i would like to wish him a very happy birthday (HAHAHA, happy getting old! You're OLD now!) :D hope you and Seri will last long this time! :D Seri's sister always gives her blessings!

oh right, i almost forgot to tell you the good news! hehehe! so here it is, before i forget again! I achieved another A (hehehe, must bold abit) for storyboarding assignment! woots! This time, i must thank Wendy and Friends group members! Thank you all so much for cooperating in this project. Thank you for contributing and being present in school all the time, and not to mention turning up for our after-school meetings which is sometimes ridiculously at last minute. This is only the beginning. We still have to do the animatics for our storyboard, "Rapunzel". I hope we can still maintain the standard we all have been sticking to. On the behalf of the leader of Wendy and Friends, i would like to thank, Liza, Kai Yuan, Rosanne, and the leader itself, Wendy for all the hard work in this storyboarding project. :)

and another good news is, i would be getting my hands on the wacom tablet soon! and it's REAL soon! i got it at a cheaper price because my teacher happen to get to know a distributor of the tablet. It's still quite expensive, but for a long term use, i'm ready to buy it :) hehehe! i can't wait to get it! xD

Oh right, today, i don't have any drawings to post up here, but get ready to see my first pendulum animation soon! My class will be doing an animation on a pendulum. :D Most of my classmates has decided on our clockface, tomorrow we'll be doing the animation! xD

gotta go now, got to ink my clockface then upload it to flash :D bubbyes!


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