Monday, May 10, 2010

hello hello again!

Hi everyone!

sorry for not updating! I've been sooooo busy with my assignments! Especially my dolphin assignment, there's this teacher who is exactly like our (oops, i mean, my) ex-P. She keep rejecting this and that. it drives me mad. no one in my class want to consult our assignment with her. it's like... so P-like. The attitude ah...

anyway, I've drawn something nice for my drawing class today. This is one-point perspective view of my school. it looks abit like a hotel resort doesn't it? teeheehee :D *wooohooo!* I've actually taken a photo of it, cos i can't bring home the original piece. the original is better but too bad it will be sent for marking. *so sad. boohoohooo*

this is it:

should be OK right? :D i shall upload more of my work in time to come. Well, that is, if i am free :P

big loves everyone.... and Amirul too. Miss pinching him :P


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