Friday, May 21, 2010


hey guys!

yes, it's me again.

it's been quite a few days since I've updated my blog *wink wink*

I've been really busy with my group project and i just had presentation just now. Wendy and i giggled so much until we felt that we cannot hold our bladder much longer. But anyway, it's all over, and I'm left with individual report. i am not sure of the group report though, but I'll get to that on Monday. i want my weekend rest. Teeheehee.

And by the way, never follow the way the co-class advisor calls me. He is still calling me "short" even after I've told him my name is Azianah and NOT "short". Wth, my name so unique and suddenly become "Short" T.T

Anyway on Thursday, me, Wendy, Ben and Jaime sat together and drew a few pictures on a spare piece of paper, and this is how Ben drew me. it's like sooooooo ????? (no words to describe)

And this is the project me and my group members did. Theme is "Insects" and we did long-horn beetle. And this is the final piece :)

That's all. Gotta go and have a bath! (I've just come home by the way *teeheehee*)

loves, and tc guys,


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