Friday, May 14, 2010


hello once again, friends :D

so how are yall today? the weather's been a little funny these few days. people are getting sick and stuffs. just hope anyone who drop by here is OK :D

Hahas. :P

so i already finished up my dolphin assignment. Now a new assignment is coming on my (as in, our, cos it's group work) way. my group have to do the theme "insects" for texture....and i was like "wa, f la, damn it. how to do insects texture?" i mean, you try drawing a spider and all the texture it has on the body is HAIR right? The other groups got so easy topic, like landscape and animals, in fact they GOT landscape or animals for topic. I'm very sure my group is super duper special to get insects for the theme. :P Lols.

I'm doing my research now anyway. My group is doing "long horn beetle", err, something like that? it's yellow in colour, and i thought it would stands out if the background is black. Well, my group was thinking of doing that. But I'm in charge of getting the materials and stuffs (note: they have to pay me back in cash. Lols!) and Wendy's doing the colour testing. Ain didn't come but I'll assign her something later. Kamal.. i don't know what he's suppose to do but i think I'll ask him later :D

Anyway, during drawing class today, we're still doing one-point perspective. Wendy, me and Rosanne went to block E to draw and we're (should say rather) happy that Mr Huey did not spot us. Ms Sem did though :( Hehehe. And I've taken a photo of my drawing. Again, this is not the original. This is the photo of what i draw. The original is being sent for marking. Hope i score a good score. I've been getting a feeling I'm scoring a C (or worse) for all subjects :(

this is it. My one-point perspective of block E:

This isn't nice, i know, so save your comments :D Wendy's and Rosanne's are nicer cos they had a perfect view of the garden. anyway, my eye line is a little too low so that is why the garden bush were not there :D
so... I've got the go now. i need to do some research on the "long horn beetle" or whatever it's called. But first i need my dinner. i don't think i can stand looking at the beetles while slurping my instant noodles :P
Tc guys, have a good day ahead :D

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