Friday, May 28, 2010


hello again

been missing writing here. I've been trying to update regularly but I've been so busy with my assignment! Sorry once again, for not updating on my life instead. Hehe.

So.... my life has been... um, rather well, to say, if i could ignore the boy in my class who always irritate me (and the co-class advisor who still never remembers my name) my life has been going rather well. tired with assignments and stuffs but I'm enjoying my life as a single girl no matter what. i don't see a need of having boyfriends (now or future) so i am coping quite well with everything, like spending enough time with my family and able to concentrate more on my studies.

Anyway, my ADP teacher has return back my last two assignments. This is my first assignment which i got a B-. No surprises there. I remember i had just recover from a high fever and my hand was shaking like mad doing this assignment. The lines are not exactly straight thanks to the fever.

And for my second assignment:

I've got a B+ for this. ^_^ so cool! But i could have gotten an A- if i had shaded the original dolphin at the bottom of the page. the comment says it's a little too empty. But AT LEAST, i improve!

Anyway, i hope i maintain a B for all my ADP assignments. I'll cry if i get a C!

and this is one of my sketches in my sketch book:

Liza helped me alot with shading and stuffs. She's so nice, and i really like her drawing alot. Look, she even draw a little boy for me in my sketch book, it's so cute! :D

Drawing Class, wise, I've been doing rather well. i saw my previous assignments that i got a B- and a B+ for the other. my teacher has not marked the perspective drawings yet, but i hope soon. i can't wait to see my grades. I hope i still secure a B+ for the perspective drawings :)

anyway, i should really log out now. (so bored at home, can't even go out because someone committed suicide at Sembawang MRT this afternoon. Zeeeesh!)

loves and tc friends. Hope Amirul and the other juniors who went South Korea are enjoying themselves :D Happy Vesak Day to all.


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