Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trying out Ndynamics in maya 2010


Been quite a while since i've updated! :D Yes, i'm on school holiday finally, and it seems i finally had proper holidays. you know what i mean! hehee! ;D

By the way, I tried something new during the holidays, other than drawing, of course. No one taught me this in school because it's not in our syallabus. We're suppose to learn only the basic stuffs in ITE, but i like to add some spice up in my life by trying something new. :D so i decided to learn abit or two about Ncloth in Maya.

Now the strange thing is, probably there's a lot of people who couldn't find ncloth in the newer versions of maya. It's actually in Ndyamic in the menu sets. :D

and to those people who really need help in using Ncloth in Ndyanamic, here's a short and simple tutorial about ncloth that i learn from:

Wendy and Friends Rocks! :D

big hearts,
azianah maskus

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