Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hi everyone!

As promised, i will be updating my works more often now, since it's school holidays. Anyway, i've just logged into my school site and my exam results are not released yet. I'm really anxious to know my results. Hopefully i maintained my grades and gpa points :)

I've gotten abit sidetracked from what i wanted to post about. so, i have been drawing hell alot now and now i'm almost finishing my fourth sketchbook! :) Most of them consist of my collection of human drawings. I'm kind of lousy at human proportions and kept aside one sketchbook specially to improve my human drawings. So these are some of my human drawings. I've improved a little abit, and still got my body proportion wrong at times. and yeah, one of them was an old work which i intended to colour, but in the end decided to improve on the perspective and the character itself. :)

^She's my western superhero. XD Alot of people like to ask me why you like to draw your characters with Afro hair? My answer will always be the same. I like it because it's different from my other characters. Usually characters with Afro hair shows the personality i have. :)

^I watched too much cosplay, and came up with this! :)

^My handsome prince. My guy. I want marry him! ^_^

^This girl has my blur look! :D

^This is my favourite of all! My sexy girl from my holy sketchbook! Wendy says it look abit fat like her. -_- Fat is beautiful! :D

^one of my old animation layout. :) I redraw the perspective and make some changes on the proportion of the female character. It looks much better, I've start colouring now... but not just done yet!

So that's basically all! :)


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