Friday, September 16, 2011


Officially 19 yesterday! XD

A big thank you for all the birthday wishes from my friends, classmates and friends from overseas! Really apreciate it! I thought that i'm going to spend a quiet birthday this year, but it was full of suprises! :D

just a short update on my Rapunzel film: i was in school for a while yesterday to check on my group members' fyp part. The outlining and colouring of background scene is going quite well. I knew Rosanne and Liza will do well for this part. and, this remind me that I should start tackling my in-between animation for all 26 scenes of the film :3

and here's a snapshot of the birthday gifts i had :D

^Chocolate from my youngest sister! :D

^This is from my good friend, Wendy! :D

^This was from my second younger sister :D my favourite character! Meowww~

^Seri surprised me with a slice of super thick chocolate coffee cake along with my favourite chocolate ice blended drink from coffee bean! :)

^And my parents surprised me with another chocolate cake! :D Loved the ferrero rocher on my cake! <3

Thank you, once again, to all my friends, classmates and family for the birthday wishes! i really appreciate it. :D

Big loves,
azianah maskus

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