Saturday, September 24, 2011

Introducing my hobby into Blogger!

Being in animation, drawing became a hobby that i would do almost every single day. It's like it's already become a part of my life. But there's another hobby that i would do when i get a little bored with the usual routine i have, and it's photography.

It has been my hobby for quite a long time but i don't always do it because firstly,i don't own a really good camera to snap pictures, and secondly, drawing is my number one hobby, and photography is like the second or even the third and i don't usually do it unless i'm seriously bored. The thing is when i'm bored, inspiration usually comes, and that's when sometimes when i get to imagine things better and see things in a different light. Things will become very beautiful and you'll just learn to appreciate it, and you can't resist taking pictures of it. So basically i will take pictures of random things i see, and rarely they mean anything! :)

But it's just a hobby and i would really love to share it here!

^A photo taken many years ago. I did Art in secondary school and while mixing my paint, i spot a face-like mixture in my palette.

^I realise how much the glasses resemble a night city, and decided to snap it XD

^my new socks

^A very nice ship sailing at the Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong

^My first time drinking McCafe cappuccino :)

^I manage to take a photo of sunrise while camping out at the beach. I woke up specially early to take this XD

azianah maskus

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