Monday, March 1, 2010


Hello everyone. sorry for not writing for a long time. it's not a question whether i was busy or not. I just don't have any clue what to write in here. nothing special happen actually. i went for bbq with my relatives around two weeks ago and then a few days later, seri and huz asked me out and we had breakfast together in Bugis. i didn't follow them to Sentosa. mind you, it's public holiday and i don't fancy walking in crowded places right after spending a night at ECP beach.

anyway, i heard a very strange news. not gonna mention who and who. But someone mentioned to me she ditched someone for another guy. Well, i don't know if it's really the truth. Half of me wanted to believe the story but seeing i am spending months at home, i shouldn't really just believe one-side story. But i don't know. i mean if it's really true, then i pray she does it right. because i am not going to interfere in her life like she did mine. i don't want her to feel betrayed because i felt it already and i don't fancy doing it on someone. frankly, i am not the type of person who wants revenge. yes, i do crave for it sometimes, but in the end, i always managed to control my desires. I'm not going to be an angel or something by not returning the pain and turmoil she put me the whole of last year. i am not going to do it even though it is so tempting. but i'm not going to do it. She doesn't tell me anything. bet you she fear i'd blow my top if i knew it. but i am going to pretend not to know anything. anyway if it isn't true, then i'd be NOT stupid to get myself involved. because load of time complaining to me and in the end i saw them walking hand in hand. i am not stupid ok. i am going to be someone who just fold my arms and watch them from afar.

Well that's just it. I am going to wrap up Complications of Complete asap and start on Rosemary's Revenge on April. And my registration for animation course will be in this week. my dad says he's going there with me on Friday. =.= better hope he'd keep his word. i've been suspicious that he doesn't want to pay for my course fees or anything. i think he rather i'd starve to death. WE'LL SEE...

good luck to my juniors. Hope they really got at least a silver or gold :D

ZEE \o/

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