Monday, March 15, 2010

hellooooo AGAIN

So right. once in a blue moon that i can update my blog at night. My dad has gone to work tonight. He said he'd be in Suntec City tonight to finish some work. hope he'd be back early :D

Anyway I've done some minor changes to my profile. I've changed my newest photo: me in my new hairstyle. I've also change my "about me" section. Well, no point reading it. it's just abit background about me. but if you're not busy, feel free to read it. hahaa, what I'm talking about? don't you think you should be reading my NEWEST short story in Booksie? "Life Loving and After Leaving." It's a story about the life of being in love and the life after break-ups. Comments and criticism are all welcome! :D Here's the link to my profile:

Anyway, my mum's watching Art and El in Suria. I'm going back to listen to Ghajini's ost. I'm so addicted with the movie! *eyes shining with tears* Aamir Khan is sooo HOT!

Hope Azirah comes home soon (it's tmr =.=) it's damn quiet without her.


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