Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting sidetracked

i am supposed to be coming up for new chapters for my novel, Complication of Complete, but i haven't been concentrating much on the novel because right now i am head over heels on the Hindi film Ghajini. =P The first time i watch it was last year but i watch half of the story to the ending. but a few days ago, i managed to catch it on the Malaysian channel TV2, and i was awed with the film! Half of time, i was laughing and the other half i was crying! The storyline was so good that i actually tried going to the library to look for an English short story, Memento Mori. The story is almost the same! but alas, i couldn't find it! Anyway, since April 12 is coming, I'll look for the book on April. Mind you, my school a lot further than you can imagine! :D

Alright, i promise to update my novel asap! I'll try to concentrate on upcoming chapters and ending, then I'll do a quick start on the next novel, "Rosemary's Revenge". I had actually come up with the male version, "Ethan's Revenge", but i think i might change to title to "Fate Reverse" though it sounds a bit different for the male version! :D

Well, i have to go now. :) hope to write again soon. :)

Loves everyone!


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