Monday, March 8, 2010


Hey yo!

Sorry for not writing. My registration is a week ago. I wanna write about it but i kept forgetting. i mean, i did open blogger but i forget what i want to write so i close it. But today i remembered so I'm going to write about it. Amazing right? =P

Anyway, the registration was a quick one. I mean when i reached there, Seri told me to go to this foyer (I think so) for the registration. And then there were a few students and teachers to check the biodata and the psea form. Then i was told to go to the third floor to take my photo for my ez-link card and buy my uniform. And can you believe it that the lift is not working?

Anyways, i bought the uniform. To be precise it's not even called uniform. i bought the maroon polo shirt. The students told me that we can choose to wear one out of three types. One of them is the uniform. It's white (*groans*) and has very thin blue strips on it. Well, to me it looked abit like the old KFC staff uniform. And they had the white and maroon polo shirt. You can choose anything to wear. So i bought the maroon. Man, the size M is so small. i mean it fitted me nicely. Lol. and the PE shirt, i bought the XS because XS is already big enough to fit me. The S is soooo big! @_@

I'll be starting my course on 12 April :DDD


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