Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ramadan Bazaar

Geylang Ramadan Bazaar was so crowded with customers yesterday and I am sure today is just as crowded as yesterday’s. I went there with my family of course – though without the presence of Seri and her boyfriend. They went with my family last year. But at least this year, without Seri, we didn’t shop much. My second sister almost fainted in the MRT so that’s why we didn’t shop much. We bought stickers for my youngest cousin. She lost her mum last year and her dad was the only one supporting the family. But to me, my uncle wasn’t a good dad. Either way, I hated him for being selfish because he had never took good care of his two daughters and he was always enjoying himself with the girls as old as his eldest daughter.
So back to my yesterday’s story, we broke fast near the seats of the Paya Lebar’s MRT station. When I was chewing my burger, I suddenly felt something small, flat, creature-like thingy ran past my feet (FYI, I was wearing slippers) I looked down and caught a sight of a lizard running past my mum’s seat. And I was like…. O…. M…..G….. I knew at once: it was that stupid bloody disgusting lizard that ran pas my feet. I was like…….. EWWWWWWWW… GROSSSSSS~! Gross gross gross! I alerted my mum and my second sis. My mum, she was afraid of lizards, and she leapt out from her seat when she saw the lizard was under her seat. That disgusting lizard ran past back under my seat to a stranger’s seat beside me and my mum was keeping an eye on that lizard. She told me it was crawling on the stranger’s seat to the back of her thigh and near her hips. Ewww gross!

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