Monday, September 21, 2009

Disastrous Hari Raya

Don't ask me what had happened yesterday because i am going to tell you

On my way to my gandparent's place, we got lost all because we took the wrong bus, 147 and end up in Serangoon. Then i suggested to take MRT because we are heading to Ang Mo Kio but my dad insisted on taking the Bus. So we got to the Bus Interchange and my dad asked if there was any us that is heading back to Ang Mo Kio and the Bus Captain says there isn't any. So my family head back to the Serangoon MRT station and got into a bit of quarrel with each other. My dad wanted to take the taxi instead but i said the seats are not enough for five of us. He dismissed the idea and wanted to take the bus 147 and get back where we start from. My mum was furious. She was annoyed and tired and she was the only one who fight back with my dad to take MRT instead. So in the end we took the Circle Line and dropped off at Bishan and then we took the North-South Station and got back to Ang Mo Kio....

This year's family photo (edited by me):

Family Photo 09 (above)

Sisters photo 09 (above)

me and Aziela (above)

Aziela (above)

Azirah (above)

me (above)

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