Friday, September 25, 2009



it has been years since my family had totally lost contact with my aunt and my cousin. Every hari raya, i would always wonder where they are and how they were doing. in fact i really miss them so much. so often when i talked about them with my mum, i would always say they owe me many years worth of hari raya money. but those were all jokes seriously. the last i heard about my cousin had decided to divorce my cousin-in-law and my aunt disappeared suddenly. There had been no news about any of them these few years and all i do is pray for the day i would get to see them again. i miss my aunt's cooking especially her epok-epok and other yummy snacks and i miss my cousin because i was realy close to him when i was younger. he was my play mate and taught me how to play skateboards. i miss my cousin-in-law and my nieces and nephews and i swear i never hear about any of them after the divorce rumour. But God is kind today, and he answered all my family's prayers. After all the long years, i finally heard from them and seriously i am the first person. today when my cousin-in-law added me as a friend in fb, i was shocked, suprised, dumbfounded, excited, and many other mixed feelings inside me. Morning when i was talking to my mum, our conversation quickly turn out to be about my aunt and my cousin. I realised it was a really long time since i've heard and seen them. I truly missed them. I really would like to tell them that i was doing all well and now in completion of my O level. It was really their wish to see me doing very well in my studies. After the chatting with my mum I used SmsYo to update my status in fb and this was what i've updated: "i hope to see my long time no see aunt, my cousin and cousin-in-law and my nephews and nieces this hari raya. i really miss them so much! :(" when i got home, i logged into my fb again and saw that someone had added me in fb and when i went to check it out, i realised this person is married and i went to see the photos section at once. at first i saw a man's photo and i was unable to recognise him but he does look familliar. i wasn't sure who because i had uncles and cousins that look like this man in the photo. So as i went to browse for more photos, i realised there was this woman who looked like my cousin-in-law after all! many things went through my head. it was as though dramatic. I recalled the name and slowly how she had looked like and then i remembered my cousin and how he had looked like when we was younger. He looked much more older and mature in this photo and it was no wonder i couldn't recognise him! So, unable or should i just say i was incapable to contain the excitment in me, i rushed out from my room and squealed excitedly in my mum's ear despite my tuition teacher was at the scene. i was realy squealling to my mum that i'm finally in contact with them once again! and i told her i saw thier photos together and said probably it was really real that my cousin had gotten back to his wife! And we saw a few photos of my nieces and nephews and realised that they had gotten another kid :DDD! Saw there was a photo that they had bought new toys and my mum said probably my cousin had turn over a new leaf! :))))) OMG i am sooooooooooo happy! :D

hoping to see them this hari raya! :)
can't wait to see my new neice/nephew (cus i dun really quite know!)

Thank God :)

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