Monday, September 7, 2009

Funny Pics

I took a few photos with my sis two days ago but i haven't had time to edit it. i have finished editing one photo so far. and i really loved it. I have three four other photos to edit but i haven't got time. I'll post it on the blog whenever i'm free. Today's my free day. -.-""" I couln't go to school to finish my art. I have cough+flu+sore throat= @_____@ I do hope i am okay enough to go school. CUS I REALLY NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL TO FINISH UP MY ART COURSEWORK!!!! i'm left to paint a huge stingray, a couple of fishes, a chemical bottle and smoke. OMG @___@ how am i supposed to finish all that by 15 september (shhhh... wtf! why must it be on my birthday?) hehe sorry used to it :D

Okay, i'm coughing again right now. I better go now. Have to help my sister play her Pet Society. ;)

Missing June and my juniors
and Maya software (i'm abit cracked to miss Maya when O is so near!)

Bubbyeeees~! ♥♥♥♥♥

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