Tuesday, December 6, 2011

3d dressing room by Rosanne

no, this isn't Daily 3D Modelling Night. It's just another class work given last week...

This is a still life dressing room done by one of my classmate, Rosanne. I used her still life for my earthquake animation because mine was in a different version. so when i had finally worked on my animation, i was told by my teacher to re-texture some parts of her dressing room because her theme was more to a doll house therefore there wasn't much texture added. So this is my textured version of Rosanne's dressing room. i re-textured the dressing table, the chair, the wallpaper and the floor and the lipstick handle. Anyway, some parts of her model were abit hard to texture because there were less subdivision and the model isn't really smooth, so i had some really minor adjustments to it. :) but overall, i still had loads to improve, especially the animation of the cutex.

azianah maskus

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