Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Daily 3d Modelling Night #1

Yes, this is definitely something new to look out for now! I realised that i have been posting less and less things on my blog, so this is something new that will keep me going, i hope. XD So other than my Daily Night Sketch posts, I'm also going to post more on Daily 3d Modelling Night as a part of exercise to my 3d modelling skills.

so here's the first post:

Spend around 2 to 3 hours modelling everything in the picture above. Refrence from my own living room; this is much neater and cleaner version of my living room, anyway. hehe. I stopped modelling at 10+pm because i need a rest, so i missed out some small little points, like the door knob on the cupboard, and the button for the tv screen. But i really want to add curtains on the scene. I thought that might look more homely. :D So stay tuned to some changes to my living room scene! :)

azianah maskus

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