Sunday, June 19, 2011

Earthquake Animation

Hi Hi! sorry that i haven't been posting my works regularly. but here's a great update for my readers!

done this in school on last friday :) it's kinda last minute. spent like four to six hours to animate everything. i admit the lamp animation look kinda weird. it was seriously a last minute work (i was so busy with presentation with foreign visitors and the MPs), and it's just gets worse that deadline was on Friday itself.

by the way, this room setting is done by Rosanne, and this is the link to her Deviantart (

Anyway, before i did the earthquake animation, i did abit of warm up animation with Wendy's room setting. This was sadly disapproved by my lecturer, but still, was well-liked by my classmates.

Room setting by Wendy and this is the link to he Deviantart (

azianah maskus

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