Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend doodles!

Hi guys!

i've been doing some sketches on my sketchbook during my free time in the weekend :) here they are!

anyway yesterday i did mural painting with some other students from other courses in my school at the void deck of block 56 Pipit Road. We had lotsa fun painting the blank white wall into blue and adding sunflowers. :D Ms Tin Pei Ling was also there too. hehehe. She actually remembered me and Wendy's faces when we did presentation at COE room for Animation course. xD so happy. It's my third time shaking her hand anyway. :P

here's our group photo:

my classmate, Benjamin and I posing on the painting we had painted on the wall xD

oh anyway, i'm going for ToonBoom Master class for the whole of next week. Can't wait to learn new stuff for class! :)

azianah maskus

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