Saturday, July 2, 2011

Anime week for me!

Hi guys! sorry i haven't been posting regularly these few days. I was getting sidetracked with improving my drawing skills and storyboarding. hehe. But guess what i have been doing last few days? i'm watching anime! and this time, finally i managed to finish the whole series of anime which usually i don't out of my busy schedule.

Yep, i watched Clannad, including the After Story. But i totally skip the movie, because i find the event moves too fast in the movie. Personally, i really like the anime series because of the way the story was being told. Instead going back to the past of how they met, they start off with the first meeting, then falls in love, and gets married. There were also many great shots in the series which shows strong emotions. I swear the After Story really made me cry. The reationship between Nagisa and Tomoya was blissful, yet painful. It really show the importance of family..Love, understanding and courage are what makes a family strong, and so far, i find this is one of the best stories i've watched so far. :D

Besides that, there were many funny scenes in the series. I managed to grab most funny scenes from Youtube, and will share it here :) happy watching!

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