Saturday, June 4, 2011

busy week!

hello guys!

I've been so busy with school work lately that i have not been updating my blog regularly. i am so sorry about it. There was just so much work to be done in school. i actually left the campus at 7.30pm yesterday because i was doing a group project with Wendy and Friends. At the moment, we have to put on hold our fyp film because we had to finish our lifeskills project, so i am sorry too, for not updating anything about our upcoming Rapunzel short film.

well currently right now, Wendy and Friends have been working hard to do our lifeskills project. We're going to Sunbeam's Place this Monday to teach little kids about drawings. My groupmates have been doing masks for them as a gift. i helped abit too, especially drawing masks of Spongebob, Patrick and Chowder. I'm also in charge of doing the showreel of our previous works. I'm still working on the showreel though. But i think i will post the showreel on Monday night if i have the time. The showreel consists of works done by Wendy, Liza, Rosanne, Kai Yuan and me.

Also, i have another update, that is, on this coming Tuesday, i will be on full shift to do presentation for my ITE College Central principals and board of directors. I haven't done presentation in front of a big crowd for a long time, so i'm kinda nervous about it. What if my voice failed me on the presentation day? lol. wish me best of luck for it!

anyway, i have been doing some sketches lately. here they are:

and some try out on anime style:

so that's all for today! stay tune to the showreel!

azianah maskus

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