Saturday, April 17, 2010

heyy i am bacccccck~!

yes, it's me guys, and I'm BACK!!!!

it's been a busy week for me. school has started for me and yeah, you know, there are fun parts of it. I've just started lesson yesterday. And i really enjoy my drawing class. it's like hundred... no, it's MILLION TIMES better than Mr Jimmy's art class. For now, we're only learning something call fast drawing... we're doing more on sketching cubes and cylinders, those kind of stuffs. ADP... I'd probably have to wait till the storyboarding and photoshop-ing part to enjoy because we're doing basics for now. I missed the CCA roadshow because i wasn't well on Thursday, but i just hope i don't missed anything out!

And i think I'm getting better and better now. I haven't been thinking about Strawhead now I'm sooo busy with school work! YAY!

And i saw my ex-classmate in my new school. He's doing HN Games and Design. He looks like a lonely soul on the first two days... hope he made some new friends! :D

And today's my primary school's open house! i can't wait to be there! :DDDDD

Hope to see Snail and my other juniors there :D weee~

Weather's hot and cold. take good care of yourselves!



And my class were ask to draw a dragon. it's hard but i think i've done quite well on it. Though there's not much details.

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