Wednesday, January 6, 2010


oh my gosh! the O level results will be on 11 jan and it's like just next week monday! oh my gosh! i am totally not prepared about this! i mean i know the results will be out sooner or later but not like four days after!!! oh dear, i know i must have at least made a grave mistake for english paper 1 and maths was a total disaster! the paper 2 is like so difficult! T_T and i confirm i won't pass my science paper thanks to the pracctical disaster that my calculator did not work! oh my gosh oh my gosh!! T_T what do i do? i still have not made a decision yet! oh my gosh, i think i'm going to fail my english maths and science! it's like all so confirm i'll fail them for sure! oh my gosh! i should have put more effort to it! oh dear... fail fail FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thinki'm going to fail everything!!!!! T_T

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