Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Got through course desired

got in! woooohooooo~!

Tomorrow's my interview and drawing test. It'll be at 9 am. but i am already so nervous right now... RIGHT NOW you know. it's not even tomorrow yet. anyway, my mum told me i really got a chance to get into the course because like seri said, i have the experience in animation. Well, hopefully it does. i still have to wait until 1st feburary to know whether i had passed my interview. my heart goes boop boop boop. Well, just pray hard i really passed otherwise i have to appeal. anyway this morning when i got the news from the website that i had been called for the interview, i was so so so so shock! i thought i didn't get in, well because of my maths at least. I saw my results and i wanted to scream my lungs out! i wanted to cry. there's so much emotions and i am grateful i really got in. I hope i'd do well enough to go on poly later on. i hope. there's nothing else i could do except work hard and hope. (:

well, wish me luck for the interview. I didn't have my testimonial with me because the school says we can only get them on April otherwise i have to appeal to my form teacher for it. But i HOPE i wouldn't get kicked out from the interview listing just because i didn't have my testimonial. i seriously hope. (:

loves for my friends and juniors (:


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