Sunday, March 25, 2012

Daily Night Sketch #4

Hello! Yes! it's Daily Night Sketch #4, now!

Ok, i haven't done this for a long time, and to be
honest, i lost touch bit in drawing. My proportions are not right, and inspirations are not there. but i decided to take advantage of the time i have today. Instead of doing my usual afternoon sleeping as i did for the past two days, i decided to practice drawing. I lost touch with my western style so in the end, i tried with anime style (although i'm suppose to. haha)

so here are the drawings. I used a different pencil this time. It a mechanical pencil, but has this tip like a wooden pencil. I'm not used to this new pencil, so at times, i gave too much pressure to my drawing. haha. Ok, now i shall stop talking and preview my drawings:

^I spent quite a while with this piece. i keep editing the eyes, the lips, the nose, the neck. I still dislike everything about this girl, but i'm gonna still keep improving on my works! I really really have lost touch in drawing. ):O

^I drew the girl first, but felt too empty beside her, so i added a random guy beside her. They look lovely, don't they? To me, drawing anime, the fun part is always drawing the eyes. They come in all shapes and sizes, and the light reflecting in their eyes, makes up all the fun in drawing anime's eyes.

Alright, I'll be back soon, with Meowpunzel. I really really really can't wait for the official release! When is my group member is coming back from his holidays? ):O hahaha!

tata! take care!

azianah maskus

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