Sunday, June 13, 2010


hi people!

sorry for not updating for quite a while. I've been busy in my last week of school, you know, must keep up with all the last minute instructions for the holiday assignments. And speaking of assignments, i have PLENTY, see the word? it's in bold, PLENTY, of holiday assignments. I've already started it, but NOT a single question is done yet! character posing are already giving me a big headache, and i still have the cowboy composition and hand poses drawing, and loads others. i am seriously trying to finish it all up by week 2 of the holidays so that i can study for the theory at least a month before the exam comes. Anyway, my class advisor already told my class that the exam will take place either on the 13th or the 14th of September. i feel so bloody relieve that it doesn't fall in the 15th because it would such a "memorable" birthday if the exam falls on the 15th. bah.

anyway, i seriously going to miss school for three weeks. you know, i begin to grow to love the class and the lessons that i am yearning to go to school every day. There's a class BBQ going on the second week of the holidays, i hope Wendy, Liza and Rosanne can make it because i really wanna go, though i don't intend to stay there for too long (you know how much BBQ sessions I've already attended so far this year.) i hope to spend some time with my new friends and you know, catch up with them a little.. :D

oh yes, i bumped onto one of classmates yesterday in Suntec City. they held a PC road show, and it was damn crowded there. but it's such a small world that my classmate was standing right in front of me in the escalator =.=

it's R.A.I.N.I.N.G again! oh yea, so sorry there is no sketches or artwork to upload this time. besides, i don't really know what to upload this time... hmm, maybe if i finish my first question of my assignment, I'll upload it? teeheehee. :D

loves, and tc,


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