Monday, November 2, 2009



haven't been able to update anything in my blog. Exams season are here (cheyy, like football match like that...) *hahaaa*

today is my SS paper and then i had Chemistry paper.

SS first source based question has the word Hitler there. and i don't know why. beats me. but thank goodness i am a history student or else i will sit there, clueless during the exam! :D

Chemistry is OK but not so OK. i don't dare to say it is too OK just in case it is not OK at all. I managed to answer some questions and stuffs. but the one about Beta and Delta thingy, i don't know. i am not sure either. :( but i hope to score a mark or two for that. DEFINATELY NOT ZERO!

alright, i have a news for you guys! I've just started out on my first chapter of Complications of Complete! so i hope you can give me comments about it :D don't worry, i'm a positive person. You are allowed to criticise my work! :DDD

Summary of novel:

Jayle Nerva and Herman Li were best friendsduring their secondary school yearsand they were secretly in love with each other. But one day, Herman decides to take the risk and tell her his feelings. Before Jayle could tell him her feelings for him, Herman was taken back to US.
But fate lets the meet again after many years but Jayle could no longer regconise Herman because he is now renamed as Damien Li...

Well, i have art exam tomorrow! have to logged out now :)

loves and luck to all :DDDD

ah zee

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